Making magic with your online course welcome email

Jan 2, 2024 | Kajabi, Online Courses

Let’s talk about that digital hug waiting to embrace your members’ inbox—the Welcome Email for your online course. Trust me, this little gem has the power to set the tone for an incredible journey ahead. Ready to sprinkle some extra special vibes into the inboxes of your members? Let’s dive in!

Your welcome email should be sent immediately after your members purchase your course, and as a minimum should include as many of these elements as you can manage:

 1. Warm and Personal Greeting

Imagine walking into a cozy room where everyone knows your name. Your Welcome Email is just that! Start with a warm, personal greeting that feels like a virtual hug. Address them by name and express your excitement that they’ve decided to join this adventure with you.

 2. Share Your Story

Share a snippet of your journey, what led you to create this course, and why it’s so close to your heart. Building that personal connection from the start lets your members know there’s a real, relatable human behind the screen—a mentor and a friend.

 3. Clear Navigation and Access

Make it super easy for your new members to dive into the course. Include clear instructions on how to access the platform, find resources, and start their transformative journey. A seamless start is the key to keeping that excitement alive!

 4. Exclusive Access or Early Bird Surprise

Let’s sprinkle a bit of fairy dust! Offer them something special right off the bat. It could be exclusive access to a bonus module, a downloadable resource, or a surprise discount for your favorite early birds. This extra touch makes them feel valued and adds a dash of excitement.

 5. Set Expectations

Communication is the foundation of any great relationship, right? Set clear expectations for the journey ahead. Let them know what to expect, the rhythm of the course, and how they can make the most of each module. Clarity is the key to a stress-free and enjoyable learning experience.

 6. Create a Sense of Community

Welcome them to the community! Encourage your new members to connect on social media, join a private Facebook group, or participate in community forums. Fostering a sense of community right from the start transforms your course into more than just lessons; it becomes a shared adventure.

 7. Short and Sweet Video Message

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but a video? Priceless! Record a short, sweet video message welcoming your new members. It doesn’t need to be Hollywood-worthy—just genuine and heartwarming. Seeing your face and hearing your voice adds that personal touch that words alone can’t convey.

 8. Interactive Element or Icebreaker

Let’s break the ice, shall we? Include a fun and interactive element in your Welcome Email. It could be a quick icebreaker question, a mini-challenge, or a simple quiz related to the course. Getting them engaged from the start sets the tone for an interactive and dynamic learning environment.

 9. Encourage Goal Setting

Let’s dream together! Encourage your new members to set personal goals for the course. Whether it’s conquering a fear, acquiring a new skill, or simply enjoying the journey, setting intentions adds a layer of purpose and motivation to their learning experience.

 10. Express Gratitude

Last but absolutely not least, shower them with gratitude. Thank them genuinely for choosing your course and entrusting you with a part of their learning journey. Gratitude has this incredible power to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

So, there you have it! Your Welcome Email isn’t just a formality;  let’s infuse it with warmth, excitement, and a sprinkle of magic!

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