Client Love  

“Melissa did an incredible job refreshing my website, making it look more contemporary, more professional, and more user friendly. She did all this in spite of me being slow as molasses at times getting her the information she needed. She was very patient and professional which was greatly appreciated. I plan on continuing to use her services. Thank you Mel!”

Bill Auxier


Melissa is amazing. She has been my online business manager for a number of years now and the person you want on your team when your website needs love and care on a regular basis. As a business coach & consultant plus event host we change things up often like sales pages, event pages, plugin and content. Melissa does an amazing job, I trust her 100% and she totally gets my brand and business. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Suz Chadwick

The Connection Exchange

“We had a long established working relationship with Mel prior to engaging her to build our website so we expected outstanding customer service, quick turnaround times and a great value end product.  From our initial engagement to the site’s go live and handover, Mel exceeded our expectations yet again and has delivered a site that we are really proud of.
Luke McNiece

Kensington Partners

“Melissa has provided all manner of support from customer service to uploading and formatting blogs and helping me during my eCourse launches.  She is very reliable, picks up work quickly, is very efficient and I trust her to provide direct support to y customers.  I love having Melissa as part of my support team.”
Kathryn Hocking

Melissa really is a WordPress expert! Even though I know how to build a website, and built my own, there are things that I don’t trust myself to get right. Melissa is my go-to WP support who is so responsive and gets the job done properly, on time and on budget.  I highly recommend speaking with Melissa – you won’t regret it!
Emma Veiga-Malta

Bespoke Backdrops

“Melissa is an outstanding assistant.  She has easily proven that you don’t need to be in the same office to create excellent results.  She is extremely organised, proactive and delivers!  I feel exceptionally lucky to have Melissa on my team – she not only allows m.a.d.woman to make a difference to people in need but also makes a difference in her own right.
Melina Schamroth

m.a.d.woman foundation

“I highly recommend Melissa Williscroft to create your new WordPress website.  She is such a pleasure to co-create with.  She is responsive, reliable and does a fabulous job.  What more could you want? 10/10/.”

Monique Gaudion

Way Out Theatreworks

“I can highly recommend Melissa.  Her work has always been presented professionally and promptly.  Melissa is also very approachable so that one can optimise work priorities and time frames with ease when engaging business support with her.”
Jeffrey Sewell

Garfield Barwick Chambers

“Melissa is my guardian angel! Melissa has flawless attention to detail, is prompt and always completes tasks before they are due.  Her record keeping systems are excellent so she is able to take a lot of the thinking and detail out of my day allowing me to focus on building relationships and selling business.  Melissa even runs my company for any weeks at a time when I travel with precision and professionalism.  I cannot imagine how I would cope without her in my business.”

Michelle Bowden

Michelle Bowden Enterprises

“Melissa was able to take my old website and turn it into something special.  I wasn’t sure what she could do having a product based website and another service, but this talented lady undertood my business well and turned my old webite into a new looking, professional, colourful site.  Her attention to detail and prompt customer service is exceptional.

I highly recommend Melissa if your site needs a fresh clean modern look, or if you are looking for a brand new one.  Love her work and servivce and I continue to sing her praises to everyone I meet that needs the gorgeous Melissa in their life.  She is my angel.”

Angela Sorpreso

Bella Artista Designs

“Mel has been a core member of my team now for over 18 months and is such an asset to my business.  I can delegate the things I don’t want to do, or can do, but take me ages – over to Mel who gets them done in a flash!  This means I am free to focus on the things a Founder of a business should be doing – income generating activities and supporting the team, and not losing hours on Canva, or bogged down in email list admin!  Mel gets the job done swiftly and professional with minimum fuss.  I feel in safe hands to handball the admin chores that are inevitable in business to Mel.”

Helen Marshall

Founder, Primal Alternative

“Melissa is an absolute SUPERSTAR!  I worked with Melissa last year on the production of my website and was absolutely blown away at every touch point.  She is next level organised, responsive and exceeds expectations.

The best part of it? She offered suggestions to improve the site from a technical and design perspective.  I’ve been singing he praises to anyone who will listen ever since!”

Kate Ware

BuzzPop Brands

“It was a genuine pleasure working with Melissa to create my new website and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Melissa understood me and by brand from the get go.  Knowing I’d entrusted such an important brand asset to the right person made the process fun and exciting.  Within a week we had a new site up and running and it looks gorgeous!  Thank you Melissa!  I will be recommending your fabulous web design talents to everyone!  
Lauren Stratford

Seriously Sorted

“Working with Melissa has been a breath of fresh air.  I’ve found her to be so efficient, professional and she just gets it all done!  My new website is fantastic and it was such a smooth process.  I would highly recommend Melissa’s services to my clients and business networks – she’s amazing!”
Sarah J Cross

Business Coach

Melissa is amazing! She is responsive, efficient and most importantly does excellent work with a lovely and friendly manner. I can’t recommend her enough!
Clare Wood

Business Coach

“Melissa is professional, a design genius and provided our business with amazing customer service which has resulted in a fabulous WordPress website for our business!  No request was too much trouble and I really appreciated her knowledge, her patience and professionalism.  Would I work with Melissa again? Absolutely!

Christina Leo-Smith

MCS Electrical

Melissa is amazing she is very efficient and her work is amazing my WordPress website looks amazing

Maree Punzet

Maree's Mobile Bookkeeping

Melissa is very helpful, returns calls promptly and is very professional. I never worry about my WordPress website as I know it’s in great hands. Recently, I asked her to edit a graphic I was having issues with. She did it immediately exactly as I wanted it!
A great business support and a delight to deal with.

Ann Leaf

Learning Scope

“I have been in business for over 20 years and my website was truly nothing special.  I am so completely overwhelmed and impressed with the service that Melissa has performed for my company website.  She understood the brief completely and has captured the true essence of my chemical based company and developed a truly wonderful looking industry website that my team and I love.

Thank you for you patience and professionalsm.  Melissa truly adds that magic touch to websites and I highly recommend her talented service to any male that takes too long to take the next step.  Just do it!”

Dr John Stavrakis

Mera Chemicals

“Words don’t capture how I feel about my revamped WordPress website.   I cannot thank Melissa enough for what she has done!  Melissa is a true professional – a real gem.  She is so easy going and takes everything in her stride.  Melissa is an extremely talented master in Website Design and a Tech Guru.  I love both of the websites that Melissa has designed for me.  Thank you Melissa, you are amazing.”

Barbara Burstall

BBMC Virtual Assistance

“In three words Melissa is efficient, self-directed & highly accurate. Melissa has been working with our virtual team since 2020 & is such a competent & capable woman. Melissa manages our customer service and operational systems and is responsive and quick in her roles. I’d highly recommend working with this amazing woman.”

Jenna Ward

Founder, School of Embodied Arts

“Melissa has become an integral member of my team. Her tagline on her email signature ‘Chief Miracle Worker’ defines her – perfectly. From handling all of our website creation, membership site, course setup, updates, security, through to liaising with and coordinating our podcast guests – she is does it all, promptly and with precision. Thank you, Melissa!!!”
Annemarie Cross

The Podcasting Queen

“Melissa is hands down the miracle worker I needed to transform my WordPress website.  She is responsive, fast and actively solves any website problem.  If you know what you want your WordPress website to do, but do not have the know how to make it happen, I highly recommend you get in touch with Mel.
Karen Hollenbach

Think Bespoke

“I’m not scared to admit that I’m a technical wombat.  Mel is now a part of my crew, always there to help me out with all things techy on my website.  I’ve stuffed things up, Mel calms me down and fixes it.  Now, I go to Mel first.  She knows her stuff, is super patient, understands my vision and is a kind human to boot. I highly recommend Mel for her website work, and have referred my clients to her too.”
Monique Eddy

A Virtual Copywriting Monstar

“If you are after your perfect website then don’t look any further than Melissa.  Melissa is amazing.  She was in tune with our aesthetic immediately and graphically she is very talented.  She is a joy to work with – fast, efficient, reliable and a fountain of knowledge and just lovely!

I have NO hesitation recommending her to anyone.  We miss her already and always smile when we look at our fabulous WordPress website.

Sue & Eliza

My Incredible Journals

“Working with Melissa has been an absolute pleasure.  All of my requests regardless of how small were met with enthusiasm to ensure my website was perfect and that I as the customer was 100 percent happy.  I would highly recommend MJS to any business, large or small, if they wish to take their online presence to the next level.
Codie Ryan

Neeny's Playhouse

“Amazing!  THANK YOU!  I have been putting off these website updates for a year and working with you Melissa has been super easy.  What an absolute pleasure!”
Sara Berry

Marketing Sense

After many months searching for the right company to completely revamp Learn to Swim Victoria’s website, we found Melissa and we couldn’t be any happier!  The way out site turned out, and our experience with Melissa was like no other!  She took our old website and transformed it into a modern and incredibly attractive and easy to use site.  We were impressed with how easy she was to communicate with – she doesn’t talk over your head with tech jargon!  She offered fantastic feedback, listened and spent ample time understanding our needs to make sure the site layout was appropriate.  We are so appreciate of her efforts and we are now receiving some great feedback from our customers on how great the website looks!”

Zoe & Joanne Love

Learn to Swim Victoria

“Melissa is amazing!  Not only is she fabulous to deal with, she knows her stuff.  In just a couple of months we have developed a fabulous new WordPress website and no change was too big or too difficult.  And Melissa completed everything so quickly and perfectly.  Melissa has been wonderful.  I certainly look forward to having her work on my business with me, as her knowledge and skills are so valuable.  Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough! I would highly recommend Melissa.”

Kristine Daw


“I was trying to find someone to build my website and came across Melissa by accident.  After speaking to various web designers, digital media and marketing agencies I was quite frustrated and needed someone far better and more experienced.  I then saw some of the work that Melissa had done and instantly fell in love with all of it as all her websites were way better than most other websites I had looked at.  I am delighted with the WordPress website that she managed to pull off so easily and she made it look effortless and beautiful.  Melissa I cannot THANK YOU enough for all the work you have done for me and I will highly recommend your web design services to anyone looking for a great unique website.”

Gee Taggar

Archer Mortgage Group

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