If you are new to the idea of working with a Virtual Assistant (VA), the relationship may take a little getting used to. Here are a few tips to ensure your partnership is a smooth and harmonious one …

1. Give clear instructions

Make sure you know what you want and communicate this clearly to your VA to eliminate any misunderstandings. Be very clear about your expected turnaround times so that deadlines are understood by all parties. If you have a budget, make sure you communicate what this is so that there are no nasty surprises come invoice time.

2. Have trust in your VA

Once you get to the point where you feel comfortable with your VA, you will realise that she does have the skills and experience to look after your needs. Have faith that she knows what she is doing and if there is ever anything that she don’t know she will do her damndest to find out for you, or help you find another outsourcer, if needed.

3. Communicate

You need to have an open and honest relationship with your VA. If there’s a problem – raise it straightaway so that it can be dealt with. Remember to give positive feedback when due too. A happy assistant is a productive assistant!

4. Include her in the loop

Let her know the future direction of your business and where you see things heading. If she knows the future plan for your business, she can help steer you in the right direction and give you tips to help improve your business and streamline your processes.

Remember, the key to a smooth working relationship with your VA is having clear, open and honest communication channels. Once you develop your partnership you’ll be forever glad that you went down this path and wonder how you ever functioned without her!

Melissa is an online business manager and website designer, who works with fellow rockstar women-in-business, providing support to overhaul their web presence and grow their businesses beyond their wildest dreams!

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