When you’ve put so much hard work into growing your business from scratch it can be very difficult to bring other people into the fold, however delegating is an essential task for a successful business owner. It is very important that you are able to trust your staff and contractors to perform tasks, while you let go of the detail of how these tasks are performed, and instead focus on the growth and overall management of your business.

Here are some very important tips to help you effectively delegate:

  1. Analyse: Write a list of all of the day-to-day tasks that you conduct. Now scrutinise that list and highlight which of the tasks that you don’t need to be looking after personally, and would be happy to hand to somebody else.
  2. Consider: Do you have somebody in your team that you could delegate these to? Do they require any training before you can delegate to them? Are they tasks that could be outsourced?
  3. Brief: Discuss these tasks with your chosen team member – ensure you thoroughly explain not only the tasks, but the expected outcomes and the reason why you need these tasks to be completed (this helps give your team member ownership and vision as to the future direction of your business). Agree on some performance milestones and/or deadlines and give them adequate time to ask questions.
  4. Monitor: It’s a good idea to keep a close handle on the process for the first little while, until you are confident that the team member has the hang of the new tasks. Provide positive feedback and encouragement where possible but don’t hover – they need to know that you trust them

Just think about all the time you will have back in your day now that you’ve managed to successfully delegate these tasks!

Melissa is an online business manager and website designer, who works with fellow rockstar women-in-business, providing support to overhaul their web presence and grow their businesses beyond their wildest dreams!

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