This beautiful, bold website was designed in 2016 for Your PREVA.

The brief was to provide a website that was modern, clean, strong and mobile-responsive and appealed to a wide range of potential clients from across the real estate industry.

The client was absolutely thrilled with this website, and so were we!

I chose Melissa Williscroft from MJS Virtual Business Support, as Melissa is also a Virtual Assistant herself. We both work in the same industry, but work in totally different areas, so there was no conflict of interest whatsoever. I gave Melissa a very rough PowerPoint presentation of what I wanted the layout, colour, format to look like. She is as her title says “A Chief Miracle Worker”….

I loved Melissa’s honesty if I asked her something, from a customer’s perspective, she was honest and nothing was too much trouble. She sent me a draft of what it would look like during the stages of the development and of course from just the 1st Draft, I loved it, she got me…it was perfect. From there I just provided the content and we tweaked together what I feel is a very professional looking website. My target market is to the “Real Estate Industry”, so it needed to be clean, not too busy, simple and too the point.

I would also like to add we had some IT issues, no fault of Melissa’s and she bent over backwards to have these fixed ASAP. That just shows Melissa’s due diligence, she is a credit to those in the Web Design Industry. She is one of the best! I would highly recommend Melissa from MJS Virtual Business Support and will be refer her Web Design services to others and shout from every rooftop around Australia.

I wish Melissa all the very best in your business, she is an absolute joy to work with “Virtually”.
Barbara Burstall | Your PREVA

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