Are you considering your options when it comes to the administration/secretarial component of your business? This is the second part of my series explaining the various ways in which a Virtual Assistant can support your business.

Personnel Management

Need to hire a new employee? Your VA can assist in preparing the job description and placing advertisements in your preferred media (Newspaper, Seek etc), then peruse the applications and present you with a shortlist. Your VA can also set up the interviews, carry out reference checking and prepare induction material if required.

Customer Surveys

Do you regularly seek your clients/customers feedback on your business’ services? Consider having your Virtual Assistant create a feedback survey for your clients/customers to complete. Your Virtual Assistant can create the document, distribute according to your preferred media (e.g. post, email etc), receive the responses, collate the results and prepare a summary report for you.

Seminars & Conferences

Are you planning to hold a seminar or conference? Your Virtual Assistant can source an appropriate venue, prepare conference materials (incl. Registration forms, information booklets, handouts, name badges) and provide a transcription of the event as required. Your Virtual Assistant can even take participant’s registrations and help to source sponsors if required.


Are you raising prices, having a special promotion, or have other changes requiring a mail-out to your clients? All you need to do is give your Virtual Assistant your client list and a brief outline of what you want to say, and they will take it from there! Your Virtual Assistant will compile the correspondence, and, following your approval, will arrange printing and postage of your mail-out.

PowerPoint Presentations

Would you like to really impress your audience at your next presentation? All you need to do is write a brief outline, combine it with any diagrams and charts you would like to include and your Virtual Assistant will prepare a stellar presentation that will make your audience really sit up and pay attention!

Appointments & Reminders

Are you sick and tired of unreliable clients forgetting to attend their appointments? Your Virtual Assistant can place your confirmation and reminder calls to save you losing precious time. This would preferably be done by working with an online calendar which is accessible by both the Virtual Assistant and you, the client. Your Virtual Assistant can confirm, reschedule or cancel appointments as required and notify you of any changes.

Monitoring your Email

Are you being overwhelmed by large volumes of emails that don’t necessarily need your personal attention? Consider creating an administration@ or enquiries@ email address and have your Virtual Assistant manage this on your behalf. Your Virtual Assistant can then handle any enquiries, sales, bookings etc on your behalf and forward to you anything that requires your attention.

Partnering with a Virtual Assistant could be the best thing that has ever happened to your business. A Virtual Assistant can take on all of the administrative functions that have been taking up your valuable time and causing you added stress.
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Melissa is an online business manager and website designer, who works with fellow rockstar women-in-business, providing support to overhaul their web presence and grow their businesses beyond their wildest dreams!

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