Online Business Manager

for rockstar women in business

Business management & launch plan implementation for rockstar women in business.

You’re a well-established entrepreneur and a leader in your field.

You’ve been in business for a while, and you’ve got your strategy/plan and content mapped out.

You know what you want; you just need an implementation whiz to step in and turn those plans into reality.

Or maybe your biz has been ticking over perfectly okay for the past few years.  But you have big plans, and you know that in order to hit those heights you’re going to need someone in your corner. Someone with the skills and expertise to do all of the ‘stuff’ that is not your zone of genius … the tech, the integrations, all the moving parts that need to be wrangled to achieve your strategy and hit those goals.

You know that wrangling tech is not your strong suit.  You know that your time is better spent focusing on growing your business and delivering your services to your clients.

You’re ready to outsource –  you just need to find the right ‘fit’ for you and your brand.

Well guess what?  I am here for you!

online business manager

What can I do  for you?

online business manager
online business manager

Online Business Manager


The glue that sticks it all together

I’ll be your long term biz-bestie who will work side by side with you to implement your business strategy in order to hit you big biz goals, grow and scale your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Let me look after the day-to-day running of your business so that you can focus on the bits that you love best – growing your business and delivering your services to your clients. Based in Australia; available to women in business worldwide.

Forget about all the things that don’t bring you joy – you know … the tech, the integrations, the damn website that just won’t let you do what you want it to!

Bring me into your team and know that your business is in goods hands while you focus on growth and scaling your biz to hit those goals.

online business manager
online business manager

Business Admin

Your right hand *wo*man!

Don’t want to deal with the *boring* parts of business – you know what I mean … replying to thousands of emails, tidying your CRM, posting that blog and scheduling those social media posts? 

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs just like you for more years than I can count and I’ve used just about every system and software package that’s available – whatever you need to keep your business on track, I can help.

Tired of business overwhelm and ready to make a change?  Then outsource #AllTheThings to me, because I get stuff done!

launch support
launch support

Launch Support & Implementation

Let’s rock this launch!

You’ve got your launch plan ready and it’s time to hit the trigger, but you know that wrangling tech and pulling together all of the moving parts is totally not your strong suit.  That’s okay – it’s mine!  I’m ready to step in and turn that launch plan into reality baby!

From opt ins to sales pages, course set up to content uploads, tech wrangling to pre-sales enquiries, I’ve got this launch covered from A-Z.  And once the launch is over, you’ll appreciate the extra pair of hands to manage your newbie participants, deal with customer service, tech support and any pesky refund requests.

Together, we’re going to rock this launch!

Let’s work together and hit those big biz goals!

So how do you pull all of the moving parts of your business together into one streamlined and goal-kicking system?  How do you implement your strategy for your business and hit those lofty goals that you’ve set for yourself?

You work with me of course!


A perfect choice to ‘test the waters’ before committing to a full package.

Rates starting from $65/hour + GST

Monthly Retainer Packages

Perfect for rockstars who want to know that they have me in their corner anytime, anywhere.  For thriving entrepreneurs who need ongoing comprehensive support.  Packages available for 10, 20, 30 or more hours per month.

I trust Melissa 100%

Melissa is amazing. She has been my online business manager for a number of years now and the person you want on your team when your website needs love and care on a regular basis. As a business coach & consultant plus event host we change things up often like sales pages, event pages, plugin and content. Melissa does an amazing job, I trust her 100% and she totally gets my brand and business. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough!


‘Chief Miracle Worker’ defines her – perfectly.

Melissa has become an integral member of my team. Her tagline on her email signature ‘Chief Miracle Worker’ defines her – perfectly. From handling all of our website creation, membership site, course setup, updates, security, through to liaising with and coordinating our podcast guests – she is does it all, promptly and with precision. Thank you, Melissa!!!


I love having Melissa as part of my team

“Melissa has provided all manner of support including helping me during my eCourse launches.  She is very reliable, picks up work quickly, is very efficient and I trust her to provide direct support to y customers.  I love having Melissa as part of my support team.”


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