In my business I regularly come across many fantastic systems designed to make our lives easier and more productive.  This is the first of a series of blog posts wherein I share tips on ways that you can improve productivity:

  1. Use a time tracking service to see where your time is going so that you can identify ways of using it better.
    There are many systems available, but my favourites are Toggl and TimeStamp.
  2. Automate your social  media as much as possible by scheduling tweets and updates.  Granted, you can’t automate everything, but you can schedule the tweets and updates that you regularly put out.  i.e. you can schedule regular business marketing/promotion updates (of course, ensuring that these aren’t all you’re tweeting!), links to articles and websites that would like to share etc.  There are a few systems available but my favourites are TweetDeck and Sendible.
  3. Set up Google Calendar and synch it between all your computers and iPhone so you always know where you are meant to be.  You can also set your VA up with access so they can manage it for you!)
  4. Identify your productive hours. What hours of the day do you have the least distractions and are more able to fully focus on work?
  5. Recognise if you need help: There may be times when you are on a tight deadline or you cannot physically complete the set task on your own.  Recognise the instances when you need a little extra support, and outsource or delegate when the need arises.

Well, those are all the words of wisdom I have for you this week.  I hope you have found something here that you can implement to make your life a little easier.  Stay tuned next week where I will share another five productivity tips, and of course, please feel free to comment if you have any that you would like to contribute.

Melissa is an online business manager and website designer, who works with fellow rockstar women-in-business, providing support to overhaul their web presence and grow their businesses beyond their wildest dreams!

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