How to Schedule Facebook Posts

A great routine to get yourself into with your Facebook page is writing and scheduling your posts in advance. This means that even if you get really busy during the week and don’t have the time to check in with your page, your posts are still popping up and it appears...

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How to add collaborators to a Pinterest Board

Do you have a Pinterest board that you would like allow friends, workmates or colleagues to pin images to?  It’s easy – add them as a collaborator!  Here’s how: Log into your Pinterest account and navigate to your boards Click ‘Edit’ on the board you wish to add a...

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Switching Off

Whilst I love working from home and wouldn’t change it for the world, one of the traps is it’s really hard to switch off when your work and home life are so intertwined. I used to be particularly terrible at this and have been known to check my emails at 1am on the...

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8 ways to use Facebook Live to engage with your tribe

Facebook Live is so hot right now. It’s a great way to engage and interact with your audience in real time and add a little personality to your page (but please, don’t do a Ricky Gervais – nobody wants to see you in the bath!!) To start a new Live chat, click on the...

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How to knock the socks off your new clients!

The process of signing a new client, onboarding and welcoming them to your business has been a big topic of conversation in some Facebook groups that I belong to lately, and this is something that I have been working on myself over the past few weeks in terms of our...

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How to check if your website content has been stolen!

You put an incredible amount of time and effort into developing your website, and a lot of thought and brain power into writing your copy - deliberating over every word to make sure that it is perfect - and it can be devastating to find out that somebody has...

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