Top 5 Caching Plugins for WordPress

Nothing turns off Google (and your website visitors) like a slow, sluggish website!  Installing a caching plugin on your WordPress website is one of the best ways to speed up your website's loading time. Here are the 5 best caching plugins for your WordPress website:...

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What plugins do I need for my WordPress website?

The WordPress plugin library can be a pretty overwhelming place to be if you don’t know what you’re looking for – there are thousands upon thousands of plugins (and not all of them are good quality or property supported and updated). I have a handful of plugins that I...

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How to ask for recommendations on LinkedIn

A great way to enhance and add credibility to your LinkedIn profile is by the gathering of a suite of recommendations from past employers, clients and colleagues. Recommendations help to add extra depth to your profile and show prospective employers and/or clients...

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How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress website

One of the most important elements of setting up your business website is establishing a way in which you can monitor the traffic that is coming to your site.  Unfortunately, this is all too often completely overlooked in the excitement of getting your sparkly new...

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Five Tips for Organising Your Inbox

Do you want to cry every time you open your email program and see the volume of emails that have piled up?  Are you dreading what your email is going to look like when you return from holidays? Here are five simple tips to help you organise that inbox! 1.  Make use of...

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How to check if your website is responsive

With the sheer number of users that are now accessing web content via mobile devices it is incredibly important that your website is “responsive” (i.e. is able to adapt to the screen size of whatever device is being used to access it). In order to check how your...

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