Facebook Live is so hot right now. It’s a great way to engage and interact with your audience in real time and add a little personality to your page (but please, don’t do a Ricky Gervais – nobody wants to see you in the bath!!)

To start a new Live chat, click on the icon, write an enticing description to draw your followers’ attention and tap ‘Go Live’. You will be given a three second count down (which is really useful to give you time to find the perfect angle, and eliminate any double chin issues…!) and then you are LIVE!

While you are live you can see at a glance how many people are watching and you can also see their comments. Once you have finished and stop your recording, Facebook will save the video to your timeline.

Here are my top 8 ways to use Facebook Live to engage with your audience:

1. Introduce yourself

People like to see the face behind the business. They want to know who they are dealing with and feel like they “know” you. Tell them about yourself (not just your business), and don’t be afraid to show some personality.

2. Run a Q&A session

While you are Live, ask your audience to pop their questions into the comments and then answer them live. In this instance, it would be helpful to promote the session in advance, allowing your audience time to come up with some questions to ask. You may even want to set a topic for the session, rather than just letting it be a “free for all”. You could even allow people to submit their questions in advance, so that you have some content to start the session with.

3. Show behind the scenes

Record a little clip that shows your audience what your office/workspace looks like and how you work.

4. Do an interview

You could interview your employees, clients or team up with another complimentary business owner to record an interview in a topic that would be of interest to your audience.

5. Give a demonstration / how-to

Record a short tutorial on how to use/assemble/operate your product. If you are a service business, perhaps you often get asked how to do a certain task – give some live “how to” instructions to walk them through the process.

6. Share your opinion

Is there a hot topic in your niche at the moment? Pop on and give your take on it.

7. Talk about your latest product or service

Have you just launched a hot new product or new range of services? Pop on and explain exactly how what you are now offering is going to benefit them and why they absolutely need it in their life.

8. Share tips and tricks

Think about your target market – what do they look to you for? What is your niche; your area of expertise? Share a few tips and tricks that will help them with their pain points and cement yourself as an expert in your field.

There you go, my top tips for using Facebook Live to engage with your tribe. Please use these as a starting point – pop on, experiment with it and find out what works for you and your audience. You will soon see what types of videos your tribe most engages with and you can tailor your strategy from there.

I would love to hear how you are going with Facebook Live and if you find something that really works for you, please let me know!