How amazing could your website look here!?!

I gave Melissa a very rough PowerPoint presentation of what I wanted the layout, colour, format to look like. She is as her title says “A Chief Miracle Worker”…. She sent me a draft of what it would look like during the stages of the development and of course from just the 1st Draft, I loved it, she got me…it was perfect.

I loved Melissa’s honesty if I asked her something, from a customer’s perspective, she was honest and nothing was too much trouble. I would also like to add we had some IT issues, no fault of Melissa’s and she bent over backwards to have these fixed ASAP. That just shows Melissa’s due diligence, she is a credit to those in the Web Design Industry. She is one of the best! I would highly recommend Melissa and will be referring her web design services to others and shouting from every rooftop around Australia!

Barbara Burstall


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