The list of tasks that you could possibly outsource to your Virtual Assistant is only limited by your imagination, however here are a few that you may not have thought of……

1. Transcription

If you have a digital audio recording, your VA can transcribe it; it’s that simple. Your VA can even transcribe from CD or DVD.

2. Meeting Support

Do you have minutes that you need typed up? You can send either the audio recording or the written notes to your Virtual Assistant and have them typed and presented in a professional document. Your Virtual Assistant can also schedule your meetings, invite attendees, arrange meeting space, prepare and distribute agendas and arrange catering as required.

3. Online Research

Whether you need to research product needs, events, marketing methods or weather trends in Africa, your Virtual Assistant can conduct this for you. You don’t need to spend days on Google and then trying to decide what is relevant. Your VA can take the hassle out of online research and provide you with a clear and informative report.

4. Reports/Tenders/Manuals

Save time by sending your report, tender or manual to your Virtual Assistant for typing, proofreading and editing. Your Virtual Assistant can include any enhancements that you prefer including tables of contents, appendixes, diagrams and charts. Instead of slaving away trying to figure out how to make the changes you need, why not send it to your Virtual Assistant and receive back a perfectly presented, professional document?

5. Contact Management

Do you have stacks of business cards lying around in your desk drawer or, even worse, in one of those ancient Rolodex things? Your Virtual Assistant can organise these by entering them into a contact management system, whether this be your own software, an online version, or by creating an Excel or Access file for you. This effectively gives you a complete list of all of your contacts (and clients if you prefer) in one simple, easily accessible location. Your Virtual Assistant can also maintain this system on your behalf.

6. Travel Arrangements

Do you need to take a business trip or a well-earned holiday but don’t want the hassle of dealing with airlines, hotels, hire car companies etc? Your Virtual Assistant can take care of your trip from A-Z, including booking flights, accommodation, hire cars, researching tourist destinations and providing you with a comprehensive travel itinerary.

7. Legal Secretarial

Need extra secretarial support during busy periods or to cover staff holidays? Your VA can transcribe your digital recordings, conduct searches and prepare those precedent documents that you’ve been meaning to get to…..

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