We all put a lot of thought into running our business, satisfying our clients, and getting through huge workloads each day.

But how many of us actually stop and take a good hard look at our workstation and make sure that it’s set up in a safe and efficient manner? My guess – not many. I know I’m certainly guilty of this, as a busy business-owner and mother of one, I know that I should be laying out my workstation a lot better than I do, but it’s always been a task left floundering at the bottom of my ‘To Do’ list.

This week, however, I was motivated to change all that and put my own health and wellbeing first and do a dramatic overhaul of my workstation. Here are a few tips to help you do the same with your space.


I read an interesting article this week which was actually the motivator for getting my butt into gear. The general idea is to remove everything from your desk, give it a good clean and replace only the things that you absolutely, definitely, must have close to you.

Adjust your Chair

Your chair’s backrest should offer firm support, with the lumbar support filling the curve in your lower back comfortably. The chair should be padded enough to allow adequate circulation. Armrest height (if fitted) should be adjusted to a position where the shoulders and neck feel the most relaxed with the arms resting on the armrests. Your feet should touch the ground. If they don’t, use a footrest. Footrests should be adjustable in height and have a tread that prevents your feet from slipping off.

Computer Monitor Position

Your monitor should be centered in front of you so that your neck is straight and placed at a comfortable viewing distance. The top of the screen should be at your eye level. Use a glare guard to reduce glare on the screen.

Keyboard & Mouse Position

Your keyboard should be placed in such a position that your elbow forms a 90-100° angle with the upper arm almost vertical. Wrist rests should be firm and smooth and the correct height is approximately level with your spacebar. Your wrist rest should only be used to support the wrists when pausing and not be used whilst typing.

So, here’s the challenge: Set aside half an hour (or an hour if your desk was a complete disaster area, like mine was) and overhaul your workstation. Your body will thank you for it and you’ll be more motivated to get stuck in to work when you have a nice, tidy and organised workstation.

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