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Melissa is a web, VA absolute SUPERSTAR! I worked with Melissa last year on the production of my website and was absolutely blown away at every touch point. She is next level organised, responsive and exceeds expectations.

The best part of it? She offered suggestions to improve the site from a technical and design perspective. And I’ve been singing her praises to anyone who’ll listen ever since!

Kate Ware
BuzzPop Social

web design
Melissa is professional, a design genius and provided our business with amazing customer service which has resulted in a fabulous website for our business!  No request was too much trouble and I really appreciated her knowledge, patience and professionalism.    Would I work with Melissa again?  Absolutely!

Christina Leo-Smith
MCS Electrical

I highly recommend Melissa Williscroft to create your new website. She is such a pleasure to co-create with. She is responsive, reliable and does a fabulous job. What more could you want? 10 out of 10.

Monique Gaudion
Way Out Theatreworks

web design
Melissa is hands down the miracle worker I needed to transform my WordPress website. She is responsive, fast and actively solves any website problem. If you know what you want your WordPress website to do, but do not have the know how to make it happen, I highly recommend you get in touch with Mel.

Karen Hollenbach
Think Bespoke

web design
Working with Melissa has been an absolute pleasure. All of my requests regardless of how small were met with enthusiasm to ensure my website was perfect and that I as the customer was 100 percent happy. I would highly recommend MJS Virtual Business Support to any business, large or small if they wish to take their online presence to the next level.

Codie Ryan
Neeny’s Playhouse

Melissa, words don’t capture how I really feel about my new revamped BBMC Virtual Assistance Website. To me a website is a true reflection of what a business is about. As a business owner it is the first thing a customer/client will look at and read and it’s extremely important to convey the right feel and look, it’s a reflection of you. For this website, I wanted to be different, hence my tag line – ‘A VA who ‘thinks’ outside the square’. I did have a current website, though it didn’t reflect where I am now in my business and I wanted something bold, bright, but simple to read and navigate. I cannot thank Melissa enough for what she has done, she has also worked on my other website Your PREVA which you will see in her portfolio. Two very different VA businesses and two very different target niches/markets. Melissa is a true professional, a real gem. She is so easy going, takes everything in her stride.  Melissa is extremely talented, a master in Website Design, a Tech Guru and I love both my websites to bits. Thank you Melissa, you are amazing.

Barbara Burstall
BBMC-Virtual Assistance

You created the  most amazing website for our first Dr Demartini event for young adults.  Our feedback has been that it’s clean and easy to navigate.  You took our vision and actually bought it to life.  You went above and beyond service delivery and you are every bit the chief miracle worker!

Ranes Sangha & Julie Bohatko
Live Well Wisely Events

It was a genuine pleasure working with Melissa to create my website and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Melissa understood me and my brand from the get go. Knowing I’d entrusted such an important brand asset to the right person made the process fun and exciting! Within a week we had the new site up and running and it looks gorgeous! Thankyou Melissa, I will be recommending your fabulous web design talents to everyone! I look forward to working with you again!

Lauren Stratford
Seriously Sorted

“After many months of searching for the right company to completely revamp Learn to Swim Victoria’s website, we found Melissa at MJS Virtual Business Support and we couldn’t be any happier! The way our site turned out, and our experience with Melissa was like no other! She took our old website with outdated graphics, fonts, etc., and transformed it into a modern and incredibly attractive and easy to use site. When we were first in discussion with Melissa, we were immediately impressed with how easy she was to communicate with— she doesn’t talk over your head with tech jargon! She offered fantastic feedback where necessary, listened and spent ample time understanding our needs to make sure the site layout was appropriate. We are so appreciative of her efforts and we are now receiving some great feedback from our customers on how great the website looks!”

web design

Zoe & Joanne Love,
Learn to Swim Victoria

Melissa has supported my business as a virtual assistant for more than a year and has provided all manner of support from customer service emails to uploading and formatting blogs and helping me during my e-Courses launches. She is very reliable, picks work up quickly, is very efficient and I trust her to provide direct support to my customers. I love having Melissa as part of my support team.

web design

Kathryn Hocking

I didn’t know what a VA was until I was introduced to Melissa and now I don’t know how I managed without her. She has made my life much easier. There are so many things that would take me ten times longer to do half as well – Melissa does them fast and well with no fuss, freeing me up to do the things I excel at and the things that actually earn money for my business. She’s simultaneously warm and professional, calm and super-efficient. There’s no question for me that engaging her services has been an excellent investment.

web design

Andrew Horabin
The Bullshift Company

Wow, you are so quick! What an amazing and timely job you have done Melissa. We are very, very happy we found you. The whole web design process has been absolutely “easy”, and I now wonder why we always put it in the too hard basket? Thank you so much for your patience with us indecisive folk and I’ll certainly be singing your praises and referring people who you may be able to assist. Sincere thanks!

Daniel Smedley
Smedley Sports Management

If you are after your perfect website then don’t look any further than Melissa.  She was the first to respond with our enquiry with the detailed process, provided a competitive price, was thorough and clear with all communications.

Once we got going making the website, Melissa was amazing.  She was in tune with our aesthetic immediately and graphically she is very talented.  Melissa is a joy to work with – fast, efficient, reliable, a fountain of knowledge and just lovely!

I would have NO hesitation recommending her to anyone.  We miss her already and always smile when we look at our fabulous website.

Melissa was able to take my old website and turn this into something special, I wasn’t sure what she could do having a product base website and another service one but this talented lady understood my business well and turned my old website into a new looking, professional, colourful site. Her attention to detail and prompt customer service is exceptional. I highly recommend Melissa if your site needs a fresh clean modern look or if you are looking for a brand new one, she just built one for my partner and he is over the moon.

Love her work and service and I continue singing her phrases to everyone I meet that need the gorgeous Melissa in their life, she is my angel.

Angela Sorpreso, Director
Bellaartista Designs

web design

Melissa is amazing! Not only is she fabulous to deal with she knows her stuff. In just a couple of months we have developed a fabulous new website and no change was too big or difficult. And Melissa completed everything so quickly and perfectly.

Melissa has been wonderful. I certainly look forward to having her work on my business with me, as her knowledge and skills are so valuable.  Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough! I would highly recommend Melissa.

Kristine Daw, Director

web design

We had a long established working relationship with Mel prior to engaging her to build our website so we expected outstanding customer service, quick turnaround times and a great value end product.  From our initial engagement to the site’s go live and handover, Mel exceeded our expectations yet again and has delivered a site that we are really proud of.

Luke McNiece, General Manager
Kensington Partners

I gave Melissa a very rough PowerPoint presentation of what I wanted for my website – the layout, colour, format to look like. She is as her title says “A Chief Miracle Worker”….

I loved Melissa’s honesty if I asked her something, from a customer’s perspective, she was honest and nothing was too much trouble. She sent me a draft of what it would look like during the stages of the development and of course from just the 1st Draft, I loved it, she got me…it was perfect. From there I just provided the content and we tweaked together what I feel is a very professional looking website. My target market is to the “Real Estate Industry”, so it needed to be clean, not too busy, simple and too the point.

I would also like to add we had some IT issues, no fault of Melissa’s and she bent over backwards to have these fixed ASAP. That just shows Melissa’s due diligence, she is a credit to those in the Web Design Industry. She is one of the best! I would highly recommend Melissa from MJS Virtual Business Support and will be refer her Web Design services to others and shout from every rooftop around Australia.

Barbara Burstall

Amazing! THANKYOU! I have been putting off these website updates for a year and working with you Melissa has been easy. What an absolute pleasure!

Sara Berry
Marketing Sense

web design

Melissa is an outstanding assistant. She has easily proven that you don’t need to be in the same office to create excellent results. She is extremely organised, proactive and delivers! I feel exceptionally lucky to have Melissa on my team – she not only allows m.a.d.woman to make a difference to people in need, but also makes a difference in her own right.

web design

Melina Schamroth
m.a.d.woman foundation

Melissa is a god-send. I throw all manner of tasks at her, some business and some personal, and she never ceases to amaze me with her level of attention to detail, her professional and credible approach to everything she does and the ideas she offers me to help make things easier. She’s a valuable asset to my life, not just my business, and I have trusted her to take on a number of things that I would usually only do myself as my levels of expectation are usually too high to be met by others…. but Melissa manages to meet them every time…

Justine Bloome
The Village Agency

I have been in business for over 20 years and my website was truly nothing special.  My partner had been suggesting a new website for ages but as a male always does I was procrastinating for ages to get my act into gear.

Finally, I did and the question remains ‘Why didn’t I do this earlier’? I am so completely overwhelmed and impressed with the service that Melissa has performed for my company website. She understood the brief completely and has captured the true essence of my chemical based company and developed a truly wonderful looking industry website that my team and I love.

The feedback from my suppliers has been fantastic. Thank you sincerely for your patience and professionalism. My partner was right, Melissa truly adds that magic touch to websites and I highly recommend her talented services to every male that takes too long to take that next step. Just do it!

Dr John Stavrakis, M.D
Mera Chemicals

web design

Working with Melissa has been a breath of fresh air.  I’ve found her to be so efficient, professional and she just get’s it all done!  My new website is fantastic and it was such a smooth process.  I would highly recommend Melissa’s services to my clients and business networks – she’s amazing!!

web design

Melissa is my guardian angel! Melissa quickly came up to speed and became an integral part of my business, understands relevant jargon, remembers client details and follows my business procedures perfectly.

Melissa has flawless attention to detail, is prompt and always completes tasks before they are due. Her record keeping systems are excellent so she is able to take a lot of the thinking and detail out of my day allowing me to focus on building relationships and selling business.

Melissa even runs my company for many weeks at a time when I travel with precision and professionalism. I cannot imagine how I would cope without her in my business.

web design

Melissa did a website review for me which was very thorough. There were things on my site that I just hadn’t noticed and I think when you build your site yourself, sometimes you can miss things because it’s so familiar. Having a fresh pair of eyes over the content, layout and ease of use makes all the difference. I’ve been implementing the changes she suggested and can’t believe I hadn’t noticed these things before. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who’s had their site for a while as you can always improve the experience for your readers and customers. Thanks again Melissa.

web design

Suzanne Chadwick
The Connection Exchange

I was trying to find someone to build my website and came across Melissa by accident through a Facebook group. After speaking to various web designers, digital media and marketing agencies and very expensive quotes and very average websites, I was quite frustrated and needed someone far better and more experienced. I then saw some of the work Melissa had done and instantly fell in love with it as all her websites were way better than most other web developers I had come across!. I couldn’t believe her professionalism and prompt customer service and decide to give her a shot. It was one of the best decisions I made as no ask was too much for Melissa and no change was too big. The end product was a stunning looking website that she managed to pull off so easily and made it look effortless and beautiful. Melissa I cannot THANK YOU enough for all the work you have done for me and will highly recommend your web design services to anyone looking for a great and unique website.

web design

I  can highly recommend Melissa. Her work always has been presented professionally and promptly. Melissa also is very approachable so that one can optimise work priorities and time frames with ease when engaging business support with her, such as urgent transcriptions.

Jeffery Sewell
Garfield Barwick Chambers

I’m not scared to admit that I’m a technical wombat. Mel is now a part of my crew, always there to help me out with all things techy on my website. I’ve stuffed things up, Mel calms me down and fixes it. Now, I go to Mel first. She knows her stuff, is super patient, understands my vision and is a kind human to boot. I highly recommend Mel for her website work, and have referred my clients to her too.

Melissa is a super-star VA!! She has saved me on more than one occasion, with her prompt and efficient response to issues that have arisen with invoicing, eCourse troubleshooting and setting up for events. Everything I ask Melissa to do is completed with an eye to detail and in a much faster turn-around than I would expect. She manages many of the tasks that were weighing me down in my business – from marketing, eCourse set up and troubleshooting, client communications to branding and formatting of documents. I highly recommend her!

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